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Patient Caregivers' Mission

Patient Caregivers is dedicated to providing competent caregiving services that promote dignity, independence, wellness, socialization, and safety for all of our clients through a comprehensive program of recruitment, training, education, employment and retention of experienced and qualified caregivers.

Patient Caregivers' Vision

Patient Caregivers will be the premier caregiving agency in the greater St. Louis area by providing the best geriatric caregivers and caregiving services to our clients.

Goals for Every Client

  • Reach an acceptable balance between independence and safety.
  • Promote wellness through proper nutrition, medication reminders, physical exercise and intellectual stimulation.
  • Encourage activities that promote socialization.
  • Maintain and cultivate the dignity of every client.
  • Find joy in living.

Goals for Every Caregiver

  • Create and sustain a safe environment while maintaining a client's independence.
  • Demonstrate patience and compassion during every interaction with every client.
  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in senior aging issues as well as in the care of aging adults.
  • Enjoy, grow and find permanence in his or her profession.
  • Help our clients find joy in living.